Upcoming Concerts

Carnegie Hall – April 6, 2015

FSI Enterprise Inc. along with NYC Concert and Music are proud to announce the second concert in our annual series for 2015 at Carnegie Hall in the Stern Auditorium on April 6, 2015 at 8pm.  

USA-Japan Goodwill Concert

The Goshiki Sakura Chorus will perform Japanese traditional songs, original songs and American pop.  Kotomikai  (Taishogoto which is Japanese electric harp) will perform Japanese traditional songs and world pop music. 

The year 2015 marks the 100 year anniversary of the exchange of the Japanese cherry blossom trees given to the U.S. and the dogwood trees given to Japan as a symbol of peace and friendship.  In commemoration of this friendship between Japan and the U.S spanning over the period of 100 years symbolized by both the cherry blossom and flowering dogwood trees, we are proud to present the Goshiki-Sakura Chorus and the Pride of Baltimore and Greater Harrisburg Choruses.

Sharing the stage that night will be Pride of Baltimore and Greater Harrisburg Choruses.  Performances by well known Sweet Adeline quartets MAXX Factor and ClassRing, along with soloist Leslie Wodday Shoenhard.

Pride of Baltimore (POB), under the direction of Master Director Joe Cerutti Jr is a chorus made up of scientists, stay at home moms, educators, musicians, doctors and more who love to sing a cappella four-part harmony barbershop style.  They travel from six mid-Atlantic states to sing with POB Chorus.  Members value Pride’s supportive friendships, individual musical and personal growth and sharing the joy of music!  The Greater Harrisburg Chorus, under the direction of Master Director Claire Domenick, are a group of dedicated, energetic women of all ages and occupations who have joined together to appreciate, enjoy and practice the fine art of a cappella singing.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that they have achieved a very high standard of performance in this hobby they love so much.

MAXX Factor, a Baltimore based quartet was formed in 2007, and proud to be the 2011 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions, past National Harmony Sweepstakes Champions as well as chosen as a contestant for season one of NBC’s “The Sing Off”.  ClassRing is a fresh new quartet of four young women from four different states who got together in 2014, had only a few months of rehearsals and won the Sweet Adeline’s 2014 International Rising Star Contest in Lowell, MA.!  Leslie Wodday Shoenhard is a two-time Sweet Adeline International Quartet Champion. She won her crowns in 2000 as the Lead in Signature Sound and again in 2011 with MAXX Factor. She brings her experience and wisdom to all those she coaches.

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