Upcoming Concerts

Carnegie Hall – January 11, 2015

FSI Enterprise Inc. along with NYC Concert and Music are proud to announce the first concert in our annual series for 2015 at Carnegie Hall in the Stern Auditorium on January 11, 2015 at 8pm.  

New York International Gospel Festival

On the stage of Carnegie Hall will be the Far East Prayers coming back to perform under the direction on Takayuki Akiba, accompanied by Tatsuya Nishiike. Joining them on the stage from New York is the Haven House Choir, under the direction of Mr. Richard Hartley.

Mr. Akiba has worked with some of the most popular singers/ songwriters in Japan. His passion for music started in his early 30′s which opened an additional career as a music instructor. Since Yamaha Popular Music School welcomed Mr. Akiba as a choir director, the number of his students is now more than 1,200 and still growing today.

Pianist Tatsuya Nishiike performs all types of keyboard instruments including piano, synthesizer, organ and electric piano. In recent years he has worked with various Japanese pop stars and musicians, and is thrilled to be back again on the great stage at Carnegie Hall, New York.

The Far East Prayers are a group that formed with a bond of music, offering their peaceful prayers for the future life to come, a better tomorrow and are so very grateful for the bond of music that brought them here to New York for this wonderful Gospel festival.

Mr. Richard Hartley is a NY based pastor, singer, arranger, actor and musical director.  He has performed with such celebrities as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and more.  He has traveled and performed all over the world including London, Germany, Italy West Africa and many other countries. He will proudly be directing the Haven House Choir this evening on the grand stage of Carnegie Hall.

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