About Us

NYC Concert and Music was established in 1994 and has since produced countless shows each year at Carnegie Hall and The Salvation Army Theater. Taking great pride in these spectacular concerts, they are entirely dedicated to charity and a generous amount of tickets free of charge, are given away to every show. For well over a decade, us here at NYC Concert and Music have had the opportunity of working with great talents from the United States, Japan and Canada. Schools, charitable organizations, churches and many more have all enjoyed music composed and produced by these groups. The ultimate goal has been to satisfy the need for a night of quality entertainment and thus far it has been a success! Over the years we have also extended a hand to many organizations by using our shows as a fundraising platform.

Comprised of a collection of multi-cultural pieces, mainly orchestra and choruses, the shows are usually between two to three hours in length and are a true work of art from beginning to end. Our company was built on a giving foundation and was awarded with Certificates of Appreciation for outstanding efforts in support of the US Committee of UNICEF from 1994 through 2001. 

The massive earthquake that struck Eastern Japan on March 11th 2011 victimized over 20,000 people. Approximately 20,000 Americans were then dispatched to provide aid and relief supplies, donations then came reining in. As 9/11 struck us with all of its’ might, 3/11 struck the Japanese with the same force. The performers that gather each year sharing the stage with fellow Americans and Canadians offer their thanks for the kindness they experienced in their time of need. Through music they show their gratitude and everlasting appreciation. 

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